A Couple of Ideas!

Amber Here!

So in times like these – when you’re spending an inordinate amount of time at home – the key to not going crazy…is to keep both your mind and body active.

Now there isn’t much advice I can give for the latter, but the former I’ve got a couple of ideas. Not the least of which, for those of you out there with a Rainy Day Craft Stash – I think now is the time to peer into its depths and see what you can find!


(See what I did here – Crafting with Christie! Here’s a link to the great people who made the kit I stitched for this pic!)

Now, if you don’t own your body weight in yarn, embroidery floss, and fabric, I’ve got another idea!

Books, which honestly isn’t a surprise, but hey, it’s got to be said! There is a plethora of great ones out there right now just waiting to be snapped up!

Now I know a lot of the bookshops out there have shut their doors temporarily – but not all of them have. I promise! One of my favorites is in Moscow, Id. and it’s called Bookpeople Of Moscow. The owner is lovely and in her beats the heart of a real book lover!

Version 2

(I didn’t take a picture of the bookshop or apparently of downtown Moscow – so have a picture of a Quail right around the corner from the shops!)

Now, if you’d like to stay a whole lot closer to home with your purchases, I’ve found these four indie bookshops who are still open – in one form or another – so you can get your books without needing to resort to THOSE OTHER GUYS.

Magnolia Bookstore

Book Larder (they only do cookbooks)

Queen Anne Book Company

Magnus Books

Now, if you’re tired of reading, though how that could happen, I’m not sure (other than eye strain), I’ve got another idea for you…


Not the little kits that you received as a kid, but the giant expert sets with over 10,000 pieces and 250+ pages of detailed instructions! (I am not kidding.) They are a great way of passing the time while listening to the TV, which is heading rapidly towards repeats, so the plot doesn’t need 100% of your attention!

Plus, if you’re anything like me, the warm glow of nostalgia of snapping together the pieces is wonderful!

For inspiration, here’s a build I completed that was fun & forever-taking!

Now if none of this helps and you’re still either bored, depressed or experiencing a huge case of the stir-crazies….Here’s a pic of a mama duck and her ducklings that will hopefully help – if only a little!


Need A Mother’s Day Gift Idea?

      Amber Here

Do you have a mother who enjoyed playing Lego’s with you as a kid?

Or a mom with a sense of humor, who appreciates you gifting her with a set to reminisce over – i.e. stepping on your missing brick, with bare feet, in the middle of the night?

I have just the set for you – a Pop-Up Book!


Complete with two different stories – Little Red Riding Hood or Jack And The Bean Stalk! (Jack’s not pictured here. I like Red better.)


Will Red save Grandma from the Wolf? Depends on the story!

(They didn’t include a Huntsman or his knife – perhaps Lego felt it was a bit to bloody?)


This is a way easy build (so long as Mom follows the instructions) by comparison to the other buildings I’ve shared with you! I finished in a hour or two watching MLS soccer a few Saturdays ago, so it shouldn’t eat up to much time out of your Mom’s day – especially if you build it together.

The final fairytale tome fits easily on a bookshelf (it’s about the size of a hefty hardback). The only downside is the Red, Grandma and the Wolf  don’t fit inside when the book is closed. So there’s a slight risk of them getting loose and straying under her foot…again.

But that will bring back fond memories of your youth and remind her how much you’ve grown and what a fine job she did raising you…Right? Definitely won’t have her cursing your name…


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A Gift Idea

Amber Here!

With December in full swing, most of my spare time is taken up with shopping, crafting or baking commitments. Leaving me very little time for reading and reviewing books for you guys.

However, back in the beginning of November while killing some time in Bellevue Square I ran across a toy I think any mystery lover would enjoy!

Lego’s Detective’s Office !

With a suspicious barbershop (which has a secret exit), hoods playing pool & drinking beer in the Highlander and a femme fatal, this Lego set answers the question: Does Lego Town contain a seedy side? And the answer is yes!

(Though it is a kids toy so it’s rather tame.)

So if you are looking for a gift idea for someone who already has enough mysteries to read (like that’s even possible) and enjoyed Legos as a kid, I highly suggest this build!

BTW the finished product is nowhere close to the size of the box all the pieces come in, I promise! It fits comfortably on an IKEA bookshelf!

One other thing, it takes 2,262 bits and pieces to build and if you’re great at following instructions, then you shouldn’t find this build to intimidating (even if you haven’t played with Legos for over thirty years). However, younger less patient builders may find the set frustrating if assembling it on their own – so I’d recommend building it with them.

Seriously I forgot how much I enjoyed playing with Legos as a kid until I picked up this Lego set and assembled it over several weekends while watching football. It even inspired me to purchase another set, the Ninjago City, which reminds me of the cityscapes in Total Recall (the new version), Firefly and Bladerunner.

I cannot wait to start putting it together!

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