Vios Con Dios, Jon!

Earlier this month, Jon Talton announced he was retiring from his economic column that’s run in the Seattle Times for many years.

At the bookshop, he was better known as the author of nine books that featured, as his website says,David Mapstone, unemployed history professor forced to come home to Phoenix, where his only job prospect is working for his old friend in the Sheriff’s Office.” There are also two books of his Cincinnati Casebooks, and Deadline Man, a mystery centered around a Seattle newspaper columnist.


Jon spent 37 years in the newspaper biz. He worked at a large number of papers, becoming a sought-after editor. How he managed to do all of that and produce critically acclaimed novels – and a history of his home town, Phoenix – is one of those things that amazes the rest of us who are happy just to get the laundry done. As if all of this output isn’t enough, he’s also got a blog on which he writes on various topics. It’s always interesting     ~ Rogue Columnist

We always enjoyed having Jon, and his partner in crime Susan, in to sign each new book.

We wish him well with his future writings and on his ever twisting trail.