Visiting Old Haunts

Downtown for a Mariners’ game, we parked “in front of the shop”, like we used to. It isn’t a bad walk to the park and you’re out of the worst of the traffic when heading home.

Granted it was late on a Saturday afternoon, but still it was all dark.

Bakeman’s looks like a fortress – more later…

The hair salon is gone –

Both it and our old space just had chairs and tables, as if used for the meetings of ghosts… No business names present, not filled with customers or workers.

Southwest corner of Second and Cherry – empty as well

But Bakeman’s – – –

Walled off, gated at the sidewalk, probably to keep the campers out and not inviting to a new tenant, and just devoid of life. Hard to believe that space used to be jammed with people, talk, clanking silverware, and the shouting of orders and desires.

~ JB

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