Author Recommendations (aka More Of)

The Mysterious Bookshop in NYC has been posting lists of books recommended by Big Name Authors. Thought we’d pass them along. You can click on the links to order directly from the Mysterious Bookshop. If you’re interested in any title, please do order from a small independent bookseller!

Martin Cruz Smith recommends – – –

Tasha Alexander recommends – – –

Wallace Stroby recommends – – –

A.J. Finn recommends – – –

Charles Ardai recommends – – –

Lorenzo Carcaterra recommends – –

Limited Edition Bibliomysteries!

From Otto Penzler – – –
              Most of you know that we have been publishing original bibliomysteries at the Mysterious Bookshop for several years. We publish them in paperback as well as in limited edition hardcovers, numbered or lettered and signed by the author.
                The publisher of Suntup Editions has selected six of these stories, those with a trace of supernatural elements, and published an extraordinary limited edition. The stories he selected were by Reed Farrel Coleman, John Connolly, Christopher Fowler, Elizabeth George, Anne Perry, and F. Paul Wilson. All copies are signed by all authors.
                Beautifully illustrated and hand-bound, Suntup Editions have become legendary collectors’ items.
                These books can be ordered only directly from the publisher—not from the Mysterious Bookshop. [see the link above – eds.]
                Fair warning: The books are expensive but they are exceptional books for serious collectors. The last two titles published by this press each sold out in about twenty minutes, so if you want one I suggest you order instantly!
                Please remember that you cannot order any copies from our store. Regrettably, we don’t have any and will not have any.
                Good luck and best wishes, Otto


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