Fun Stuff During This Dreadful Time

                                We asked authors what they read, hear and watch in quarantine. Here’s Charles Finch’s diary

Op-Ed: If marijuana is essential during the coronavirus shutdown, why not books?G_book-the-joint-rolling-handbook-2_1-1

10 crime writers to read while under house arrest

                     James Patterson sets up fund to help indie booksellers  (and why is Patterson the only BIG NAME AUTHOR who does this???)


Buy a book from your local indie bookstore. We’re going to need them when the coronavirus lockdown is over.

Foxed, Fuddled, Swallowed a Hare, and Other Words for “Drunk” From A Pocket Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue


Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist in history. 

A Few 19th-Century Parlor Games to Amuse You While You’re Stuck at Home

These Are Plot Descriptions of Actual Episodes from the 1960s Spy Television Series The Man From U.N.C.L.E, and Wow they are… Insane



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